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Let’s simplify Social Security

It’s the choice of a lifetime. Understand your filing options with knowledge and tools from Social Security 360® Analyzer.

Filing for Social Security benefits may seem like a simple, straightforward decision. But with so many rules that can impact the benefits you receive, your Social Security filing decision is actually more complicated than you may think.  

While everyone’s personal situation is different, there are three key considerations you should make as you begin to plan your Social Security filing decision:

Filing early may not  be for you.

Filing before full retirement age makes sense for some people. But because benefits are permanently reduced, it may not be the best option for you.

Up to a 76% increase

Filing after full retirement age (up to age 70) and taking advantage of delayed Social Security credits can increase Social Security income by as much as 76%.

Don't forget your family

Benefits for spouses, partners and other family members are among the most powerful ways to boost household Social Security income.

Planning with a financial advisor is key to understanding the realities of retirement and maximizing Social Security benefits

Ask how Social Security 360 Analyzer® tool can help identify your optimal filing strategy

Your next steps

Now you understand the decision you make about Social Security is personal. There’s no formula or calculator that will make the right decision for you. Your individual situation is different from everyone else’s, so personal attention is key.

At this point, your next move is to start the decision-making process by scheduling a Social Security planning meeting with Latham Wealth Management.  The Social Security 360® Analyzer program gives you greater visibility to the many perspectives of Social Security. Together, we can help you decide when and how to file for benefits.

Let's maximize your Social Security income

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Do You Know These 4 Critical Social Security Facts?

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