Making Smart Money Decisions

One of the Top 5 Concerns people have is whether they are Making Smart Money Decisions. Thinking about retirement, emergency funds, investments, and social security can be very overwhelming. That's why we are here. We look at all the ways you spend and save and determine if they are in line with your risk tolerance and future needs.

Making Smart Money Decisions includes:



How We Make Your Money Work Smarter for You

Investment Overview- We will look over your current investments and determine if they are in line with your income/savings.

Analysis Risk Scores/Risk Tolerance- Knowing how much risk your portfolio has now and knowing your personal comfort levels, are critical questions you need to answer when investing money. Through the use of Riskalyze software, you will be able to pinpoint the answers to those questions and more.

Social Security- The top of everyone's list is planning for the future. We will help you decide what age to take Social Security income and the best options for you. 

Cash Flow Analysis- You will get a visual representation of your current and future cashflow.

Retirement/Income Plan- Making sure you are saving for the retirement you want and need, is such an important part of making smart money decisions. You never want to save too much or too little for the future. We can help you balance that.

Portfolio Review- Risk, fees, and taxes are three of the most important components when it comes to investing. We manage your portfolio and continually make adjustments to keep them as low as possible.

Emergency Plan Assessment/Creation- Things happen. Life is messy. Everyone needs an emergency fund. We'll look at the right amount for you.

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