Key to Financial Wellness


Money may not buy you love, but could it offer you better health? According to research, financial and physical wellness may actually go hand in hand.

The finance/wellness connection

Did you know that 62% of adults report having stress due to money. 1

Finances are actually the No 1 cause of stress among both men and women.2

And stress can take a toll on a person’s health

75 – 90% of all doctor visits are for stress related ailments and complaints. 3



Financial stress may increase the risk of a heart attack by 13 times.4

What has you stressed?

Generation X

51% are most concerned with not having enough saved for unexpected expenses. 5

Baby Boomers

Only 45% know how much they'll need in retirement. 5

Almost 1 in 4 are concerned with being able to meet monthly expenses. 5

26% are concerned with the amount of debt they have. 5

46% are most concerned with not being able to retire when they want to. 5

Only half are confident they'll be able to cover medical expenses in retirement. 5

A financial plan can help ease many of these key stressors

People with a retirement planning mindset saved 3.1 times more in their retirement plans than those without it.7

Financial advice can add between 1.5% and 4% to account growth over extended periods. 8

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